Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 5 - Problems starting to manifest

February 19, 2011

This week things went a little bit downhill. I have been having some issues with my airlift, every once and a while it will decide to stop working. Which really sucks for my plants, especially if I am at work when the airlift starts bubbling into the reservoir and not lifting.

Here is my poor little broccoli. While the leaves have begun to fill out a bit more, it wasn't getting water for a while so it is a little saggy.

Also my tomato is showing more signs of stress. I haven't been able to get some pH down yet, and I think that I have some nutrient lock out going on.

At least we have been getting more clear skies and sunny days! It makes the tomato look a little less sad.

It seems that my bean plant is suffering too. I'm not sure if this is the same thing that is afflicting the tomato, however seeing as they are connected to the same reservoir, it probably is nutrient lock out for this guy too.

I have been watering my houseplants with the leftover nutes, and now there is some white stuff in the soil. Not too sure what this is...

The peppers and stevia have not shown much progress since last week. I think that the nutes dripping right onto the leaves of the plants is really bothering them. Unfortunately I need a bigger drill bit than the one that I have so I can put tubes into the caps of the bottles and direct the drips. The white tempest stuff I'm using for a medium seems to be discolouring as well. So far my opinion of this product is dropping every week. Even with it being free!

Also, I have had another causality. The swiss chard kicked the bucket. I have more of it growing in soil so it is not too much of a loss.
R.I.P. Swiss Chard, you will be missed.
Please ignore my horrible paint job... can you tell that I am impatient? Hopefully this gardening stuff will help.

Ok, here is the good news: My bean is coming along swimmingly! I cannot wait to munch.

There is also another baby bean! 

And here we have a few more flowers that are starting to turn into beans.

 Well I think I will leave you with that. Yay for fresh produce in your front window!

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